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Sewists and Loomineers

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With every purchase, the customer gets to pick out a shoe bag made by a local woman.  We work with women  who cannot hold a traditional jobs to supplement their incomes.  Some are caregivers.  Some are stay at home Moms.  Some work full time.  Some are retired.  All of them love to Sew.  

 We use these sustainable shoe bags instead of plastic or paper and they are made from our remnants.  We started counting in January 2017,  As customers pick out their shoe bag, we get to tell our story.  

Rachael, Bentonville Manager

Stay at home Mom with 3 kids and a husband. Manages the Bentonville Farmer's Market. Has sewing and photography studio in her front room and lots of chickens. Loves sewing aprons. Mom to…Mom to Katrina, model. Degree in Middle Eastern Studies.