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Ozark Guidance Center

Arkansas Support Network

Washington Regional Hospice

Navajo Nation

St. James Baptist Church Food Bank

UAMS Northwest Regional Campus - Fayetteville Office of Community Health and Research 

Numerous Local Families and Healthcare Workers

Local Love in Every Stitch  |  orders@oliveloom.com  | 

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Olive Loom empowers women by enhancing their talents as seamstresses to produce the Olive Loom clothing & homegoods line, a line made with local love in every stitch.
421 College Ave -  Fayetteville, AR 72701

Retired small business owner who loves to sew. "I'm loving to make all these tunics. I'm learning so much about my machines. I figured out a process that is really efficient and uses all my machine! I love sewing for Olive Loom."