Get It First with a Sneak Peek

People love our fabrics! Sign Up to follow our blog or email us if you see something you like. Like this beautiful, vibrant blue fabric. We're using it for a secret spring project. It would make a beautiful teacher skirt or pair of our popular pantalooms. You'd want to let us know asap, before we sew it all up! When we order fabric, we order it in smaller quantities so everyone doesn't wear the same shirt! When fabric arrives it is like Christmas and I'll often take pictures first and blog about what's going on that day. This is an easy way to be the first one in line to claim yours. Sign up in the contact page to follow our blog or email us before it's all gone! Linda added a front belt

What Do Little Dogs Love?

Feeling warm! Little dogs love these heated flannel shirts! "Sally’s all snuggly!!" Natalie texts me. Perfect fit. Happy puppy. Sally is always cold. She has a bigger tummy & short legs so she is hard to fit. After a private fitting and measurements, her flannel shirt fit perfectly! I just had to hem the legs. "Too funny. I'm hemming her clothes and your jeans!" Natalie opened Gabby's Grooming Spa last year. Another woman owned small business in Fayetteville! This pink jacket is going to Fiona in Canada....can hardly wait for pictures. Another blog.....another story.....another day. Natalie loved the reusable shoebag that comes with every purchase. You can find them in our Homegoods sec

The Do It Yourself Valentine's Kit

Pick up a Handmade soup cozy, Porter bag & fill it up with these ingredients from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. Essential bath soaps from Belva Soy Candle from Belva Artisanal cheeses from White River Creamery Handcrafted Chocolates Handcrafted zippered pouch from Olive Loom Handmade Greeting Card by Becky Fresh Flowers from Janet One-of-a-kind Wine Tote from yours truly Bottle of Kombucha from J.R.s Ozark Herbal Tonic for pep. Arrange 1st 6 items in Valentine Soup Cozy Top off with signed Greeting Card Wrap flowers in reusable produce bag, our Porter Bag. Deliver with love, hug and a kiss

The Do It Yourself Soup Kit

Pick up a Handmade soup cozy & fill it up with these ingredients from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. Farm raised meat, beef, pork or lamb Fresh chicken egg (for corn bread) Seasonal carrots, onions Fingerling potatoes Fresh parsley, kale, cilantro Artisanal cheese Wine tote for Kombucha Apple Cider Vinegar tonic Porter Swag Bag Soy Candle Cook meat with chopped onion til brown. Add meat, vegetables, and spices to slow cooker with liner inserted. Cook on low 8 hrs, high for 4 hours. Settle down with good book, favorite beverage, light your candle and enjoy. Serve hot soup in soup cozy with hot corn bread and cheese.

The Do It Yourself Game Day Fayetteville

Handcrafted locally made treats from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market starting with hostess gifts. for out of town guests. Fabric bowls ~ Soy Candles and soaps ~ Artisanal cheeses ~ Homemade Chocolates Wooden spoons ~ Felted scarves & hats ~ Gibson baskets ~ Aprons ~ Jams & Jellies Pick up everything for homemade Chili. Throw it in the slow cooker. Enjoy the weekend. Home grown, organic ingredients for piping hot chili and chips from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market Fill up your reusable fabric produce bag. Fresh cilantro ~ Pasture fed beef & pork ~ Onions & peppers ~ Artisanal cheeses Wine tote ~ Kombucha ~ Herbal tonic ~ Hand carved wooden spoon

How to DIY and Do It with Style

Velma Style......How the "Velma Cat Draft" idea was born. "Can you make something that will keep the wind from blowing under my windowsills. Mom used to have one. I'd love to have one." Velma comments looking around at our sewing tables bringing in some sewing for us. "How wide are your windows? My Mom had one and we'll use that as a guide. Her's was calico shaped like a kitty cat." I replied. Planning. Velma brought in a " sandwich bag" that she loves. She wanted one out of fabric. "It is perfect for all of the things I need to get to in my front car seat" she explains as she picks out her fabric. Long story short, we made a "Velma bag" and a "Velma Cat Draft". Taylor drew the patt

Dress Easier, Classic Linen

Throw on our Black linen hooded vest and go anywhere, any time. A perfect layering piece. Hand fringed front. Hooded. We liked our flannel Wendy vest so well that we made it in black linen! Our vest design works because we pulled the weight out of the back for a flattering fit and tapered the waist with inset pockets. This linen has been washed and dried so it is pre-shrunk. This linen can be pulled out of the dryer for a rumpled look so ironing is optional. This vest is available in our other linen colors. I am making another black vest today without the fringe to see which one everyone likes the best. Stay tuned. Shown with the Leah Tee in super soft Cranberry double brushed jersey kni

Inside Out or Outside In?

You Decide which way you like your tee shirt. Our newest fabric can be made and worn either way. We made three of these tops when Taylor comes in and says "the other side is the right side!" Good thing we hadn't made 50 zillion of them! Yesterday, I talked about Small Batch production and this is a perfect example of this. This is a close up of the same tee shirt just turned inside out. Come by the shop and see what you think and we'll make it anyway you want!!! This top easily pairs with our newest linen vest. The scarf accent fits perfectly. I had worn jeans since I had a lot of sewing to do. I also had an evening meeting but not enough time to change. Made sense to just throw on our newe

How Small Batch Sewing Benefits You

Small batch sewing is a lot like making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. We can try little things, like adding coconut or using pecans instead of walnuts, to the next bowl of cookie dough. Small batch sewing is the same process. We use it everyday at Olive Loom to make our things better, everything, from our designer linen clothes to our soup bowls. We try little things to make it better or different, This could be using a different print on the Cecilia apron pockets, a different color of waist band or different style of hem or neckline on our dress tunic. Usually, almost always, we figure out some little trick to make it better. Since we do all the cutting and sewing ourselves you can g

How To Do a Great Weekend for Monday

Start at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market with Flannel dog jackets & pockets! Fresh cilantro, onions, fingerling potatoes & home grown chorizo for a new soup cozy recipe. 10% off for all Walk-ins all week! Followed by the Fayetteville Women's March with lots of our pink and black pussy cat hats! Check out all the inspiring photos on Facebook. #fayettevillewomensmarch Next, training session for Nicole Clowney taught by Leah. Topped off with hot stew from all the fixins and enjoying the memories of a great day. Celebrating All Week with 10% off for all walk-ins this week!

Can't Get Any Easier than This for a Perfect Fit Everytime

A repeat, happy customer explains it best when told "I love your purple top" by a friend. "Well, just go by the shop or call and give them your measurements. When you see something you want just call them! It's so easy. That's what I do with my schedule!" she tells her girlfriend. She choose a cozy French terry for her top with a higher neckline, an unfinished hem that was 4 inches shorter and 3/4 sleeves. All of our clothes are individually cut and sewn so pattern adjustments are made before they are cut. This same top was made in a gold the next week. All of the Olive Loom clothing line is sewn in this fashion. Our Showroom is located in Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas. Appointm

How to Always be Ready?

Statement Fashion says how you feel as soon as you walk in a room. "I'm not a pink sort-of-lady." Jane giggles trying on her black hat. Perfect for this Weekend's Celebrations. Jane will be at the Fayetteville Winter Indoor Market Saturday selling her felted hats made from alpacas that she raises on her farm with her husband. She's originally from Great Britain so you'll her accent. Land of Green Ginger Alpacas is the name of her company. The Olive Loom clothes and accessories all make a statement. We design clothes that you can throw on with a pair of jeans and know you look good. The fabrics and quality of the vests, tops and even our hats, say confidence. They layer very well and th

Pillowcase Made Using Math!

"So why can't you figure something out, so I can use my regular pillows? That big wedge thing is too uncomfortable. I like my pillows best but they slide down." My husband asks me as he's trying to fix his pillows just right for sleeping. I'm sure he is also lamenting that I sew all the time but not for him. After measuring his stack of pillows, I created a muslin prototype and inserted his 3 pillows. For all of our teacher friends, "It ended up being a right triangle not an isosceles triangle!' Doug used the "Pythagorean Theory" to do the exact calculation!! He slept like a baby and the pillows didn't slide down or come out! Will use linen to make the final one. We use linen for l

How to Measure Your Dog for a Shirt

Click on picture for instructional pictures. Medium Dog Shirt Measurements: These are the shirt measurements, not the dog's. 14" center back to hem 22" girth circumference 11" center front to bottom of front hem 14" neck circumference 3.5" shoulder seam to shirt sleeve hem 11" bicep circumference

Specially for you

We've come up with all sorts of ideas for filling our soup cozies.. Chocolates & cocoa mix Cookies Homemade candles She sewed labels, Xs & darts. I cut darts. She sewed front and backs together & turned. I sewed the top stitching. In a groove today.

Life Teachers & Teacher Teachers

Two of many of my favorite life teachers~ Pat who's taught me more about good nursing and compassion than any other person on this earth. "I'll use my soup cozy to heat up Sassy's dog food and not burn my hands" Pat tells me. Hadn't thought of that! But I heat up my geriatric dog's food every day too! Janice who teaches me every week some little secret hidden sewing tip! Yesterday it was "how to fringe the flannel Wendy vest more efficiently. Pat and Janice met each other at our Open Showroom. Pat enjoyed meeting Janice who does all her alterations! Kelly Jo is another favorite teacher. Kelly Jo teaches in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kelly Jo loves bringing us new ideas to create, like h

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  Olive Loom empowers women by enhancing their talents as seamstresses to produce the Olive Loom clothing & home goods line, a line made with local love in every stitch.
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