The Flannel Heated  Shirt  has two back pockets with 4 sections for their own corn bags.  Corn bags can be heated in microwave and placed in pockets.  They will retain heat from the dog and help to warm him during the cold weather.  The Milou shirt has front closures so it is easy to put on.  Stylish collar to keep the ears warm. The hem is tapered so male dogs won't get the shirt tails wet. Available in Americana, Buffalo Red flannel. Pink Hearts, other colors by request.


"Sally's fit perfectly!  She's all cozy and warm."  Natalie H. groomer at Gabby's Spa


"Wiley's fit!  He loves it!"  Natalie H.


"Bongo is so handsome!  He Loves his jacket and the corn bags!  I want one in "hot peppers"  Leah G. Fayetteville, A.


"Fiona loves her warm shirt.  A pink flannel would be wonderful.  It fits perfect.!"  Kathy, Canada


"MiLou took a long nap after putting on his warming jacket.  He loves it!"  Laetitia, New Jersey


100% cotton flannel

3 velcro front closures

4 corn 2 x 3 corn bags.

Small fits up to 14 lbs. - Small dogs

Medium fits up to 20 lbs. - Mini-schnauzer, poodle, spaniel


14" center back to hem

22" girth circumference

11" center front to bottom of front hem

14" neck circumference

3.5" shoulder seam to shirt sleeve hem

11" bicep circumference

Dog - Flannel Heated Shirt