Reusable Paper Towels

Reusable Paper Towels

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Eco-friendly, cost efficient, and they come in charismatic designs - Olive Loom's reusable paper towels are a must have addition to your kitchen. They not only promote sustainability, but they add character to your home as well! They are absorbent and great for day to day use just like a disposable paper towel, but they are a one time purchase and environmentally friendly.


Our reusable paper towels come in rolls of 12, each towel is 10" x 10". These towels are made of flannel, so they're very absorbent and make for the perfect multi-purpose rag! They will fit onto your old paper towel roll holder and are a seamless and easy way to start using less paper-products. Each roll comes rolled on a sturdy, heavy duty core built to last for several months of use.


Wash prior to use.


Please email us for a list of patterns and seasonal prints in stock.

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    >Roll of 12

    >10" x 10"


    >Easy to wash

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    Warm wash and dry with like colors.