All Things Arkansas

Crazy day at Olive Loom today in Arkansas!

Jenny and Sandy experimented with the wine bag pattern, simplifying the pattern for cotton and high end tapestry fabrics. We'll be adding individually made cloth labels with wine quotes on them from famous people. We're using fabrics with Arkansas towns and Mockingbirds on them......and better yet we purchased the fabrics at a local shop, Sew in Heaven.

"Beer is made by man, Wine by God"……Martin Luther, circa 1500’s

Every good wine tells a story, this one starts with a Loomineer……Olive Loom 2017

Coordinating wine totes, wine coasters, napkins and placemats made with creative energy are also available.

Needless to say, the cutting table was full all day by Linda and I while the others were sewing.

Rachael came by after getting her kids from school to pickup Olive Loom's egg gathering aprons and pantalooms for the Thursday Market on the Fayetteville Square. She'll be introducing the Arkansas themed place settings tomorrow at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market.

More Arkansas Homegoods......placemats.

Okra, Dogwood blossoms, cotton bolls, diamonds and mockingbirds.....all symbols for Arkansas traditions.

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