Jasmine, Katrina & Silas, our kids

Jasmine was in the shop yesterday with her Mom, Lacey, when we learned that she sewed and was attending sewing camp.

"I've made zippered bags, totes and pillowcases" Jasmine smiled proudly.


"Katrina helps her Mom, Rachael, at the Bentonville Farmer's Market and she sews too. She just ordered her own "labels" to sew on her things!" I tell Jasmine.


"Jasmine, you can help your Mom this Thursday and earn some money too!" Linda chimes in, "And you could help make our shoebags."

Katrina's brother, Silas, is even getting into the act. As a school project, he is collecting old t-shirts and sewing up reusable shopping bags. New Picture is a coming......boys! Here's an old picture with his Mom modeling a set of aprons for an entire family.

Silas with Mom and littlel sister, Faye

Jasmine is almost 11 years old and going into the 6th grade. Jasmine is active in dance and loves music. She keeps her Mom busy with dance competitions. Her Mom is Lacey and Sandy is her Grandmother. Both started sewing for us this year and Lacey did the Little Craft Show for us!

Katrina is 12 year old and has been going to the Bentonville Farmer's Market since last year! She loves modeling our clothes and interacting with customers. She is getting really tall now. Her Mom is Rachael. Rachael sews and does the Bentonville Farmer's Market and the weekday Markets in Fayetteville.

Silas is 13 years old and comes in the Olive Loom shop several times a week after school when his Mom picks him up. Silas just recently was awarded xxxx.

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