Terrific Thursday

Super Day today...........several things happened!

New website launched! Let us know what you think of the new format! Every online product sold has been made by a local sewist. We call them "Loomineers" after Olive Loom. Read about the Loomineers in our "about us."

Jasmine and her Mom, Lacey were introduced at the Thursday Fayetteville Farmer's Market! The Farmer's Markets are our "showrooms" where we introduce our things. Jasmine loved helping her Mom and modeled our most popular "egg gathering" apron. It is an organic cotton in beautiful pastels.

We had our very first sewing class at Handmade Market! The hospitality was great and all the sergers were sewing like a charm! Beginning sewing class in 2 weeks will be open to the public! Jenny Osborn will be teaching us how to make a tea towel apron using tea towels from Handmade Market!! You can email Jenny to find out about classes. Jenny@oliveloom.com.

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