Why Our Pants

Our Wide Leg Pants, we've always called them pantalooms after the name Olive Loom, were designed and created by Leah Garrett, our co-founder and my daughter.

Based on a "Thailand" bohemian harem pant, Leah designed a unique, stretchable knit or yoga waist band. It's stretchy but fits snug too so it holds you in if you want it too.

The sides are designed to flow towards the back. The side splits are hidden in the flow of the fabric.

When crossing your leg, the leg to the thigh is as exposed as much as you prefer.

The front and back points can easily be tied together for a capri look and worn on the beach! These pants dress up or down. Paired with a matching vest, the entire outfit looks like you are dressing for a night on the town.

After the first season, dual back pockets were added for convenience. Side pockets added too much bulk for the slimming shape of the garment.

Leah experimented with many weights of stretch knit for the yoga waist band versus traditional rows of elastic. Our waist band can be worn up or down based on personal preference. The knit is designed to hug the waist snugly for a flattering shape.

Designed to be worn on the hips, the pants are extremely comfortable to wear and allow for freedom of movement. A favorite for yoga practitioners and dancers.

These wide leg pants are made from 4 different fabrics. An imported European linen, rayon, jersey knit and cotton Indian prints.

Durable Linen gives slightly and gets softer with age. Mine favorites are 5 years old and I wear them straight out of the dryer to the farmer's market every week.

Colorful Rayon pants are very light weight, semi-sheer and perfect for yoga and dance.

The Italian jersey knit pants feel like "you're wearing butter" and do not wrinkle. A bit pricier, the Italian jersey knit is perfect for travel.

100% cotton Indian prints full of geometric and mandala designs making them perfect for music festivals and vacation fun.

And now you know the story of our pants, our pantalooms, by Leah Garrett!

They're like potato chips, if you have one pair, you'll come back for more!

Sewn with local love in every stitch!

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