Vesting Story

In the beginning of Olive Loom, Leah suggested we do the local Farmer's Market. I wasn't so sure. I still remember being nervous wondering if we would get accepted. Back then, newbies at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market setup at the Sunday Botanical Gardens. We did survive and had enough in sales to get a floaters spot on the Square the next season.

Working the Farmer's Market, I quickly realized clothing needed to be cool and breezy in the hot, humid Arkansas summers........especially in August! I also wanted to look "put together and professional" in my summer shorts and tee shirts! Hence we started experimenting with light weight linen vests that you could simply throw on and appear together.

We simplified the patterns to eliminate the weight of bulky seams and used linen. Customers loved the look. And then we added two front pockets!

Taylor came on board and tweaked our pattern, adding a gently tapering of the waist line seam that gives the illusion of a waist with the flowing handkerchief hemline that barely covers the behind.

This winter, Taylor has gone through the tedious process of sizing all of the vest patterns from XS to 3X.

The "Dragonfly" vest is one of our most popular designs and sells out quickly. It is perfect over jeans, shorts or chic linen pants. It is a time consuming process called "fussy cutting" that creates the back. Each one must be individually cut!

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