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"Cecilia made the best German sugar cookies. She was German and married a Frenchman. Grandma always had sugar cookies with 127 something grandkids and she always wore an aprons!" Linda tells me about her Grandma's cooking.

Cecilia's Great Granddaughter, Claudia

Our Cecilia aprons were worn, made and designed by Cecilia. Cecilia is Linda's Grandmother.

This is Claudia. She is Cecilia's Great, Great Granddaughter.

The Cecilia apron is freshly updated with the newest prints and designs. It seems only natural that Claudia's Mom (Lisa) picks out a lot of the fabrics.....she doesn't sew but has an instinct for unique fabrics. Linda is the one who sews!

Each apron is accented with contrasting fabrics, rick rack and binding so we get to let out creative energies out mixing and matching all the colors and prints!

A favorite Cecilia apron has cherries all over it. Linda has a favorite mother-daughter apron story from one Saturday Farmer's Market.

"A little girl loved going through the piles of aprons and finally picked out a cherry one. She saw herself in the mirror and glowed. The she turned around and her Mom had on a matching cherry apron. Her eyes got huge when she saw her Mom looking just like her!" Linda grins telling the story to other customers.

"It was just amazing to see her looking up at her Mom and they were both in the same Cecilia apron."

I couldn't get a picture of that but you can see the stacks of aprons the little girls had looked through.....Dad was beaming ear-to-ear watching on.

The Cecilia apron pattern is designed to cover the hips fully and the chest but without the "gap" that so many apron bibs have.

For boys the pattern is modified to be squared off and we loose the rick rack. One of the boys favorites for cooking school has Volkswagens vans on it.

One of our favorite girl aprons has symbols of the scientific periodic table on the fabrics. We laugh as we explain it is for girl scientist....

You'll always find the Cecilia aprons at the local Farmer's Markets. They can also be custom ordered in specific colors or prints. They are available in 3 toddler to 7-8. And in adult from small 6-8 to extra large 18 - 24. Each one is one of a kind and trim colors and contrast colors will vary. An adult apron is $35 and a child apron is $25 or a set is $50 for a savings of $10.

These are not on the web site since the fabrics change frequently. You can contact us by email at linda@oliveloom.com and Cecilia's Granddaughter, Linda, will help you out!. We will just invoice you with an email.

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