Festival Pants

Eric came strolling about in his perfectly fitted festival pants. The pants have morphed over the years. Now they have a fake fly, elastic drawstring waist, dual back pockets, dual inset deep pockets and a gusset for comfort.

Several years ago, Eric asked us to make a jacket and a pair of pants out of a piece of India print with a big lion on it and the other print had bright African prints on it......Took 6 months to this this task and I thought he was crazy!

Eric planned on wearing these to a local music festival, along the lines of Wakarusa. He and the pants did make it to the music festival, along with the rain storms and mud! But they were a hit. We kept making them.

Today our pants have a fake fly, drawstring waist with back elastic, dual back pockets, and two deep trouser pockets. We even added a gusset for a relaxed fit.

Each pair is individually cut to make sure the fabric prints and lines match exactly.

These are a favorite of local massage therapist when made out of linen. The gusset allows for freedom of movement when doing stretches and the linen fabric withstands the rigor of massage oils and frequent washings.

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