Zebras from New York

Cutting out the vibrant African prints that Taylor found in the NY fashion district last week. I kept talking about the colors and how I loved the giraffes.

"You do know those are zebras?" Taylor hesitantly asked after I had been cutting and rambling on for 10 minutes or so.

Linda was still telling this story the next day as we were showing a customer, Janet, the completed project. Interestingly, Janet purchased black linen pantalooms at the Thursday Fayetteville Farmer's Market and I shortened them. She was visiting from New York!

She had us keep her contact information, including the pant length, so she could order online when she gets to New York!

Rachael came in after the Market and tried on one of the African print pants.

These African print wide leg pants are one of a kind and were made with "Local Love in Every Stitch."

If you want a pair, you'll want to email me ASAP. lou@oliveloom.com

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