Gable, Young Entrepreneur Giving Back

"So how did you start selling cookies and stuff?" I asked Gable as she tried on different Olive Loom aprons.

"I ran out of room and Mom told me I couldn't cook anymore. So I set up a table on the sidewalk and started selling my cookies!" Gable explained matter-of-factly. Mom nodded in agreement and was born.

Gable was picking out an Olive Loom apron that we donated to her cause. We had heard about her story on a local TV station and Arvest bank somehow.

"I've always cooked, since I was 7" Gable explains. "I make cookies, apple pies, muffins, pesto, lots of things."

This young entrepreneur bakes and gives all the proceeds to either a local non-profit or a $1,000 scholarship to a Fayetteville High School Senior scholarships.

"So how much money have you raised?" I asked.

"$6,000" Gable stated. "Right now I'm baking for Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital." she continues, looking at herself in the mirror.


Gable is 12 years old and going into Woodland Jr. High. Her best friend, Hadley, also 12, was helping Gable tell the stories. Mom, Shanda, was beaming and explaining how the Facebook page works and got another apron! Of course, it was hard to decide! Linda (the aprons are named for her Grandmother, Cecilia) ironed both aprons so they were freshly pressed for pictures!

Then they all picked out their favorite colored shoe bag that comes with every purchase. We explained our mission of working with women that can't hold traditional jobs and that they make the shoe-bags.......Of course, they chose a purple bag for the Fayetteville Bulldogs! Janice has just brought them in earlier in the day.

Mom and I talked about the Fayetteville Farmer's Market as a venue while taking pictures and we agreed to become Facebook friends. Gable promised to bring cookie samples to the Market so we could have a taste!

So proud of this young girl entrepreneur and her mission. Mom is too!

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