Altering Alterations ~ Making it Fun

Added a bird to this jean repair when this customer asked us to use a special fabric to do the repair.

Many people don't know that we do alterations, but we do. Why?

We do them because Janice loves to do them, especially wedding dresses. Janice is on a fixed income so this gives her extra money she wouldn't have otherwise.

I did this alteration and couldn't resist goofing around with it. Eric needed it in two days so he could wear these to a KC music festival.

Eric is the reason we work with India prints. We call this one "bird of paradise" and it was "one of the originals" pants we made for him several years ago.

Original "Bird of Paradise" festival pants at Harvestfest.

This is Janice. She picks up alterations and/or meets the clients on Friday afternoons.

So if you need something, mended, hemmed, taken in or let out, we'll doing the measuring and make sure Janice gets them done!

She's meeting a client to alter her bridesmaid dress this Friday afternoon!

Remember if it says Olive Loom, it means "Local Love in Every Stitch."

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