Weather forecasting Father's Day Eve

Got to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market at 6 am.....cloudy skies, looked like rain.

Forecast was calling for heat index of 100+ today with a high of 95. We dressed accordingly, sleeveless, flip flops, packed the battery charger for the fan, neck cooling packs, bottled water and ice. We were prepared.....and all the Fayetteville Farmer's vendors were standing around, looking at the ominous clouds, saying "where did this come from?"

About an hour into the market, decided to check the radar on the phone....huge rain storms bearing down. We put everything under the canopy, moved tables in, mannequin in, created clotheslines with bungee cords and hung aprons under the tent, and picked up the rug under the clothes rack so it wouldn't get soaked.

"We'll have a picnic" Linda says as she pulls the chairs under the center of the tent. It keeps getting smaller and smaller as we move things in to escape the rain drops.

"Dan Skoff is my weatherman crush" gets discussed during picnic time. "In Ohio, we forecasted winters based on the width of the wooly worm stripes." In Arkansas, we look at the inside of persimmon seeds" and so on the conversations goes.

I'm laughing. People kept walking around the market. After a while I notice that they all had umbrellas!. One of my nurse friends came by and said the weatherman forecasted it at 10 last night. As a vendor with early wake-up times, none of us watched the weather......unlike our customers who came prepared with umbrellas!

Everyone, especially Dads and Moms were out shopping for Father's Day gifts! The Dads were all just precious and incredulous as we explained many times how the egg gathering aprons work on all the urban farms.

"Two eggs to a pocket."

"Hen won't chase you cause eggs are hidden."

"How many chickens do they have? 6 or less hens, then a single egg gathering apron will hold 1 dozen eggs."

"The double row egg gathering apron will hold 2 dozen eggs."

"The bib egg gathering apron was designed for the urban Dad who helped the kids gather eggs in their egg gathering aprons so Dad doesn't have to use his tshirt."

"The chicken fabric is organic."

"The Fox in the Hen house" was our first one."

"The eggs don't break like rolling around in a bucket."

"It's getting hard to find chicken fabric!"

"Marquita's kids love gathering eggs in these egg gathering aprons."

"These are things they all tell us so we know they work."

Dads.....would just shake their heads and grin with amusement as they pondered and examined our egg gathering aprons.

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