A Working Shop

People are always surprised when say they can come by the shop! We then always preference it with "It's a working shop, so we have a cutting table, and we're sewing! And there are stacks of fabrics and scraps around! Come on by."

Over the years, we quickly realized that just like home, no one seemed to mind our messes. In fact, people seemed relaxed and loved going through the different fabric scraps.

So unlike other boutiques with dressed up mannequins, we're actually making what you may be wearing in another week or so. Most days you'll find two of us sewing and our pattern maker cutting fabrics and grading patterns on the table on Mondays and Thursdays.

Our customers seem to love being part of the process and part of the shop!

Saturdays.....where are we? At the local Farmer's Market of course, on the Fayetteville and Bentonville Squares.

Otherwise, we're online twenty-four seven. And you can always message us for specifics.

Some days the grandkids like to pretend they are helping too.

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