Sisterhood of Women

Met a really cool lady named Kathleen who is from the rugged, rural state of Wyoming. Kathleen was hiking as we were talking!

Her business model is very similar to ours......working with women who sew at home. Her company is called

The ladies she works with make "hot" hotpads and "pot" holders, wine bags and other Wyoming branded products.

Our stories are very similar and she found Olive Loom on Kiva's facebook page. It's good to find other businesses working with women who can't hold traditional jobs. And their things are cute too! I hope you'll check out her website and Facebook page.

Kathleen and I shared ideas about sharing the stories of our mission and how ladies. We talked hangtags, shoebags, cutting time, piece work, sewing machines, sergers, how to get photographs, online sales, farmers markets, sales and social networking. Very insightful. Tribe Marketing.....we have the stories!

It really is amazing the impact of women supporting women. Taylor, pattern maker, also helps make high-end wall paper. Taylor's other company just got listed at the Smithsonian Institute. Wow! She's famous and loves our mission of working with women.

Rachael had a great day at the Thursday Farmer's Market after starting out the day with her dog, Spiro, getting sprayed with a skunk! Another story for another day!

Rachael has had 7 kids at her house, cousins. "I really appreciate being able to work at Olive Loom and still spend time with my kids" Rachael says often.

Well, we appreciate Rachael and her kids too! They love modeling our things and helping their Mom at the Farmer's Market!

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