Why Aprons? Here's One Reason

"So I'm downstairs drinking coffee really early, and here comes the Grand-kid's Dad come tip toeing in through the screen door with a little bitty Easter basket full of fresh chicken eggs.....buck naked!" a repeat customer explains at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market.

"WE love his egg gathering apron with the bib, at least now the front of him is covered!"

"So two eggs can fit in this pocket?"

The urban farmer's are a hoot! These urban farmer's live in the city and have chicken coops with swings and slides!

The first set of egg gathering aprons we sold went to an attorney urban farmer in LA. His kids liked their aprons so much he had to order his own egg gathering apron....with a bib!

One of the best reasons we know to wear an apron.....they're fun in your birthday suit.....male or female. Creative imagination in the kitchen, doing chores or gathering eggs for breakfast in bed......

Every purchase comes with a drawstring shoe-bag made by local women who can't hold a traditional jobs.......this last weekend 48 drawstring shoe-bags were used at the two local farmer's markets! Thanks Fayetteville and Bentonville for Supporting Rural American Women who love to sew!

Local Love in Every Stitch.

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