Traveling Pants

"I want to give you a report on your pants!" an excited customer walks into our working studio early Monday morning. Lynn had been to Europe for 13 days, touring. Here's what she reported.

"I was gone 13 days and wore them 6 or 7 days and washed them several times."

"Perfect whether it was hot or cold."

"Very comfortable and no they stayed up perfectly."

"Here they are in Versailles

"Here they are in Paris."

"I most definitely will get another pair!" she tells us.

Lynn had a trip of a lifetime in the most comfortable pair of pants ever.

We're anxiously awaiting more Italian jersey knit from the New York fashion icon Mood! Should be here next week!

I remember making these pants, then trying them on......."they feel like you're wearing butter" I exclaimed at the time. Truly local love in every stitch!

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On this same day, we received an online order from Texas.....Medallion pants included!

Our Medallion pants have a story of their own. They've been to South America and Burning Man.....a story for another day! Stay tuned and share your traveling pants stories!

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