1,117 Shoe Bags??

1,117, up from 1,032 shoe bags! What and Why is that important?

Some companies count shoes and give a pair of shoes for every shoe bought. Some restaurants donate a meal for every meal purchased. People count lots of things.

Olive Loom counts shoe bags!

Every shoe bag is made by a local women who cannot hold a traditional job!

Every shoe bag is made from fabric scraps leftover from our sewing.

Every shoe bag saves space in the local land fill.

Every shoe bag gives us an opportunity to share our story of empowering local women.

With every purchase, the customer gets a shoe bag instead of plastic. This year so far that is 1,11 7 shoe bags. We've only just now begun to count them but it is so amazing! They have their own stories.

When we started using she bags, we soon realized that the best parts was our customers loved the surprise of getting something with their purchase and they loved picking it out!

The grownup customer's use the shoe bags for traveling or shopping. The kids loop the straps and carry them as back packs!

Interestingly, a customer suggested we make shoe bags last year because they were popular and people really used them for travel. We made some up because we're always saving fabric remnants to make something someday........all seamstresses and quilters do this! It's called a "stash." We cut them out every time we cut out a garment!

Imagine our surprise when customer's were always excited to find out they got to choose a shoe bag! Sometimes more excited than what they just bought! It was really amazing.

Interestingly, the customer got really involved in the decision making process

"Do I want a linen shoe bag to match the pants I just bought " or

"Do I want the print with my favorite color in it?" or

"Do I want the one with hippy prints on it? It is so me?" or from the guys we get

"I don't have to wrap it! It's already wrapped!"

And from the kids we get, "I like this one."

Every day is a big adventure at Olive Loom and everything is made with "local love in every stitch" and every purchase goes towards supporting a rural American woman.

So now, I'm trying to find a creative way to count them on our website so we can share on social media to share our story with even more folks.

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