Statement Pants that Start Conversations!

So I'm at Lowes shopping for clothes line today since we're hanging our aprons on them at the Farmer's Markets.

"Is that you?" a lady exclaims as she comes back down the isle towards me. He husband had just moved their cart so I could go by. "This is Rebecca!" she said.

"Yes, I am Lou. I knew you looked familiar. I met you at the little church with your pants so you could go on vacation." I replied.

"I was just in Kansas City and got stopped so many times over my pants! I have 4 or 5 pairs! And I was just telling my husband I needed a new pair!" Rebecca continues.

"Gads. You can't believe how many people stop her every time she wears a pair of your pants. It's unbelievable!" her husband tells me. "And she always tells them that she gets them at the Farmer's Market!"

It was fun and always a thrill to hear what people have to say. They are a conversation piece. I thanked them and told her we would soon be having a showroom and where our shop was.

Went over 1,044 shoe bags today with two pair of pantalooms sold as Rachael was packing up!

Linda trained Linda Lou, a fairly new Loomineer/Sewist to make shoe bags! We're going through lots more since we are counting them!

Always made with local love in every stitch.

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  Olive Loom empowers women by enhancing their talents as seamstresses to produce the Olive Loom clothing & home goods line, a line made with local love in every stitch.
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