"Where's Your Pants?"

Gads, we like to tell stories in the South....it's part of our culture. July 14th, the "Where's Your Pants Day" at Olive Loom!

Doug has decided to swim in the mornings to build back up some of his lost muscle tone from being so sick this last year. Like a good wife, I decide to join him, besides the heat index will be over 100 degrees this week.

"But I need to swim at 8 am so I can get to the Olive Loom Studio by 9 am as a client has a 9 am appointment" I let Doug know in advance.

We drive separate cars so I can leave straight away and not be late.

The water was perfect and so refreshing. Took pictures of Bongo to send to Leah. Doug and I paddle around in the water. Drying off, I slip on our new tunic tops, cover the seat with a beach towel and head to "The Loom".

Linda is standing outside, I start unloading the car. Four stacks of newly washed and dried linen, my briefcase, my purse, my cup of ice tea, the cash box, an Olive Loom bag with a change of clothes in it, and what ever else I can grab in one trip.

"Do you need any help" LInda yells holding the door open as I balance the keys to lock the car doors.

"Naw" I reply, balancing everything.

"Where's your pants" Linda is yelling now in a pitchy voice.

"Have lost your mind" I'm thinking as I continue to juggle walking across the hot parking lot.

"Where's your pants?" she repeats.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, walking.

"Where's your pants? Do you need help?" squeaking and walking.

Oh my, then it dawns on me that I only have on a tunic top covering my wet bathing suit bottoms which are hidden by all the things I'm carrying! "I've been swimming!" I say.

"Oh my goodness, I thought you forgot your pants!" Linda laughs.

"Oh, I went swimming. I bet you thought I'd lost my mind and really did have dementia!" I exclaim back, laughing, as I head off to change clothes. "No wonder you thought I had lost it! Never realized you couldn't see my clothes under the fabric!" I laugh apologizing for the scare!

We're still laughing as Linda has now told everyone under the sun about "where's your pants!?

"Well, I've heard of people who forget to get dressed" she explains today again repeating the story. "Did you tell Doug about our "Where's your pants?" story? she asked me again today.

Some days are like that, we try to have an adventure of some kind every day. We love our stories and everyone has them!

"So Doug have you heard our "Where's your pants" story? I ask three days later.

Laughing, Doug says "you'll have to declare July 14th as your "where's your pants" day at Olive Loom. I think I even asked you about that and you said you'd get dressed at the shop. Too funny" he tells me tonight........

But I know that he's heard the story now.

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