Why is she smiling so big?


~ her new Little Black Tunic showed off her figure perfectly!

~ her Statement necklace looked beautiful and , she

~ got to meet the Loomineer/sewist who made it!

One of our favorite customer's got to meet Pat. Pat is one of our newest Loomineers and she made this Little Black Tunic for this customer! Both were proud!

Pat was excited to report that she is learning all kinds of new things about using her sewing machines and her skills!

Smiling all over, Pat admired how great the Little Black Tunic looked, visited with our very happy customer about common friends in Altrusa, picked up more tunics, got paid and was out the door.

Connecting happy customers and happy Loomineers is always good and always important.

The Statement Necklace shown with the Little Black Tunic was created by our in-house jeweler, Laura Jane!

You can find her at Olive Loom and online at Laura Janes Jewelry.

Pat is a retired small business owner or a locally famous jewelry store. Pat is almost 80 now but doesn't look a day over 60! Still very active with her family, in the church and community, Pat appreciates earning her "own spending money" and is very proud of of all the new skills she is learning sewing for Olive Loom.

Pat puts local love in every stitch as she sews our custom made to order dress tunics.

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