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Items that have been requested. Sign Up and give us your email or contact information, we'll see if we can make it and notify you when it's done. We'll add it to the website, you can order it online. Pick it up locally or we'll ship. All items are made by local women and made with "local love in every stitch."

Potato Bags - Perfect potatoes every time. Made of soft 100% cotton batting and sustainable fabrics, these are great for heating tortilla shells and sweet potatoes!

Pocket Skirts - Prototypes being perfected. Deep, deep pockets in a skirt!

Made from sustainable fabrics. Choose 4,6 or 8 pockets. Drawstring yoga waist band. 19", 23" or 25" lengths.

Hanging Tea Towels

Bonnets with flaps

Casserole Carrier

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  Olive Loom empowers women by enhancing their talents as seamstresses to produce the Olive Loom clothing & home goods line, a line made with local love in every stitch.
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421 College Ave -  Fayetteville, AR 72701  
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