Still Counting!

1,220 Shoe Bags given away this year! Wasn't that long ago that we made 1,000!

Every drawstring shoe bag is made by a local women and included in every purchase!

Rachael made the shoe bags her girls, Katrina and Fayet, are showing off at the Olive Loom Shop. Rachael has been able to stay at home with her kids this summer while sewing for Olive Loom. and working at the Thursday Fayetteville Farmer's Market and the Saturday Bentonville Farmer's Market.

Janice makes most of our sustainable shoe bags. She is a retired small business owner and postal worker.

Janice picks up and drops off her shoe bags every Friday afternoon.

Janice also does most of our alterations and especially loves brides and wedding dresses.

We love hearing her stories about traveling to England and visiting the lace shops in her younger days!. We first met Janice when we needed help with alterations. Had no idea she was so talented and had such vast experience in retail management and even running her own business, making "cabbage patch" dolls!

You'll have to ask her about the quilt her church quilting group made their preacher with all the children's handprints on it......and as her about her jail house shoes too!

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