Way to End a Summer - August

It's hard to begin to say how great August has been from `great Farmer's Markets, photo shoots, perfecting our tunics, sewing up our red linen, meeting someone from Wyoming to being able to fulfill a order from Poland. And we got some online sales!

Rachael and her girls, Katrina and Faye, goofing around during a photo shoot in our aprons and wide leg pants, They're excited for school to be starting.

Laura Jane, right, is our "in-house" jeweler. We are proud

she is sharing our shop space and modeling royal purple pants, organic bamboo pearl tunic with a silk scarf. The bracelet and necklace were created by her!

This picture of Janice with her red linen shoe bag has gotten over 700 likes on Facebook this weekend!

The sustainable shoe bags we make from our fabric remnants are a big hit! Now we have three more ladies making shoe bags and another vendor from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market wanting some too!

We're about to open a "storefront" for our Fayetteville studio with a sign and a more boutique like area for customers to try on clothes and shop. Laura Jane Jewelry will share the space!

Our pocket skirt is coming out just in time for the upcoming Roots Festival. It is a perfect pencil skirt with functional deep pockets. You'll have to follow us on Facebook to see when they are available.

And I forgot to mention, we're at 1,297 sustainable shoe bags!!!!!

That's a big deal to us considering we started this year at the Winter Market! We wanted our Loomineers to have something to sew and make some money over the winter months!

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