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The Feel of Fabric can be Amazing

February 21, 2018

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Paying It Forward - The Porter Bag

September 24, 2017



 We pay it forward everyday.  Every Olive Loom purchase includes a shoebag made by a local women.  They are called a "Porter" Bag.  Because they keep on giving.


The Porter Bag came about because of Mr. Leon Porter.  He gave us these beautiful fabrics so "the ladies" could continue sewing his late wife's fabrics.  Her name was Lora Jean..  She was an avid seamstress owning her own drapery business working with local women.  Mr. Porter loved the Olive Loom story and gave us the fabrics so more women could learn to make the shoebags.




Leon Porter, 89 had been  married 60+ years to Lora Jean.  All of Lora Jean's fabrics and treasures held many, many memories and were stacked everywhere in the drapery shop.  A shop he built for her.  He even built a bathroom for "the ladies."   After a 40 year career with the local gas company, he took up woodworking creations.  His creations and her fabrics covered every crook and granny. Together they raised their kids. 


























I recently met Mr. Porter. through a mutual friend who delivers his Meals on Wheels.  We instantly connected and knew the same people from each other's lives.  Mr. Porter was born the same year as my Mom.  I shared the Olive Loom vision of sewing and working with women who can't hold traditional jobs.  He showed me her stash of fabrics.  Beautiful and so many. Everywhere.


We'll be making shoebags, totes and pillows.  These locally made, handcrafted items will continue the vision.  The "Porter" bag will continue to touch many lives for generations to come.


Paying it Forward.    Supporting Rural America.       Gifts that Keep on Giving.  Local Love in Every Stitch.