Why our Cecilia Aprons are the Best

Named after this young lady's Great Grandmother, Cecilia, our aprons details make them extra special.

Hip Wiping Coverage - Important when wiping the flour off while baking.

Special Pockets - Pockets big enough to hold things. Each size pocket is angled perfectly for every size!

No Gap - The bib doesn't gap and look clunky with its unique design.

Fussy Cut - Each apron is individually cut to ensure the just right print is on the pockets and the shoulder straps!

Unique fabrics - We buy designer fabrics in quantities that are limited so everyone doesn't look like everyone else! We'll even shop for special fabrics for you!

Flattering design - The design covers the bust adequately with a gently flared skirt for a narrow waist.

Just right apron strings - Ties will wrap to the front in the next larger size.

Comfortable neck straps - Wider straps that lay gently across the shoulders and neck.

Best of all - Every one is made with "local love in every stitch." Each Cecilia apron is made by a local woman with exceptional sewing skills and we all love picking out the rick rack and bias tape that will make the prints pop with color, feeding our creative nature.

These aprons will become heirlooms and passed down generation to generation.

Sized S, M, and Large for adults and kids.

Adults Sizes - Kids Sizes-

Small - 0 to 8 Small - 3-4

Medium - 10 to 14 Medium - 5-6

Large - 16 to 20 Large - 7-8

Ex Lg - 22+ Ex Lg - go to small adult

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