Did You miss the Farmer's Market Saturday?

Saturday, the weather dropped 30 degrees in 2 hours, with heavy misting rain and high winds! Folks who left their house in shorts and flip flops to walk the dog around the square, returned home wet and cold!

The tent tops act like kites in the wind and take off! So if you missed us, there is good news!

Linda re-ironed everything and it's all hanging up at the Olive Loom Shop so come on by this week. There's still time to pickup that handcrafted special gift for Thanksgiving. Here are some of our customer's favorite items!

Each of these products are individually handcrafted. Like one of the fabrics but want it for another product? We can do that. Love sunflowers and but want them in napkins? We can do that. Love the napkin fabric but want it in a wine bag? We can do that. Want it in a shoe bag? We can do that.