Finally, Sold Out!!!

Everyone need one of these. Always said that someday, we'd be able to have a sign that said "Sold Out". Never thought it would be one of these.

Just goes to show that the customer always knows.........A regular customer brought in a "soup cozy" and ask us to make her some.

"I love mine. I use it under my soup bowl watching TV. I even use it under my ice cream. All my kids want one. Can you make me some?"

I made and remade several until I got them to the right size. At first some were bigger than others. They are all reversible and microwaveable. In some I used different tops and bottoms. Some were solid colors. Just to see what everyone liked.

They were all liked! Even have orders for four more. Two in fall colors, one in our math print and one in our periodic table print!

These are a perfect add-on that we can cut and make when we make our Cecilia aprons.

Danyl was helping her Dad today, so she modeled for us.

The nice thing about the soup cozy.....everybody doesn't cook or need an apron, but everyone enjoys a hot home cooked meal.

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