Flannel Shirt for the Fur Baby!

Doggy Flannel shirt with pockets for hand warmers!

Well, that was a good idea until I read the warmer's insert!

Hand warmers on the back would feel really good in the bitter cold wind and snow.

Our fur baby princess, Katie, modeling a the flannel shirt that I made for MiLou, one of her babies living in New Jersey. MiLou's owner is French.

MiLou's Mom will have to be careful so MiLou doesn't get to the hand warmers as she coaxes MiLou out in the snow storm!

Here's a picture of MiLou braving last week's "bomb cyclone".

It was 1 degree. Notice the red mitton on his paw! He is so cute with mittons on all 4 feet!

MiLou was from Katie's 2nd litter of puppies. he is 13 now. Katie is 17!

Katie was not impressed. I used the flannel from our hooded Wendy vest!

All done, Warmers fit nicely. On it's way to cold New Jersey.....

Next idea......making corn bags instead of hand warmers. Corn bags can be heated in the microwave. They will absorb heat from the dog and stay plenty warm for the cold walk. Another example of how we "make things better."

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