Progress Not Perfection Every Day

A Better Tee.....the Leah Tee. Comfy but Polished. Dressy or Relaxed. Dress it up or down.

Chic, comfortable off the shoulder fit.

Long, fitted sleeves that aren't too tight.

Soft, not too bulky, French terry.

Tapered sides that fit nicely not boxy or too snug.

Longer, rolling, unfinished hem that covers the butt.

Naturally rolling unfinished sleeves that you can push up for comfort or pull down to warm your hands.

Higher Boat neck that flatters the face with a finished hem.

Perfect by itself, with a scarf or layered.

Monday's a perfect day for making progress by reflection and making it better.

The Leah Tee is a great example of making something better. Once we got the comfy, flattering feel of the top down, we modified the pattern, so we could sew several of them very efficiently using our speciality sewing machines called a serger.

Next, we test the market by introducing them at the Winter Market and wearing them. And taking pictures of course.

Then we start training local women how to make them to keep up with demand. They get very proficient and get paid to do something they love, sew.

Pat Moore sews our knits and tee. Pat is a retired small business owner and is on our "about page".

Women helping women. Local Love in Every Stitch.

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