One Button at a Time

I showed Linda to to make over-sized button holes Wednesday. Each flannel Wendy vest has an over-sized button on the center front.

First one button hole was perfect! Linda did a great job and made 3 more button holes. I marked and placed the buttons later throughout the day between other tasks.

I showed Linda the process for making the Wendy vest. Linda did the serging parts. I did the straight stitching parts. Three of them completed start to finish.....except for the fringing. Gads the fringing takes a minimum of two hours per vest!

Later in the day, I had tea with Wendy, whom the vest is named after. Savoy Tea had the coolest teas. Unicorn tea that changed color with lemon and an Orange/Cinnamon tea that was really sweet but no sugar!

Guess I'll be putting some tea in Valentine Bowl Cozies!

As we were sewing, Linda explained to me the proper way to use the soup cozy!

My way: Get cold bowl of leftovers out of frig. Heat it up in the microwave. Use the soup cozy to pick up the hot bowl and carefully manipulate the hot bowl into the cozy. Pick it all up and carry it to the table.

Right way: Place cold bowl of leftovers in the soup cozy. Place it all in the microwave, heat it up and carry it to the table!

We all laughed and laughed. It just never dawned on me to do it this way!

Women helping women........every day!

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