Celebrating Long Weekends

Started the long weekend with a warm fire and pink hats! Perfect for Honoring Martin Luther King, the Women's March and Diversity.

All week, we'll be giving away pink and black pussy cat hats for everyone attending Fayetteville events all week.

It's always a great start to the weekend, when Friday is so energetic.

Janice brought in some more shoe bags and wanted to know what we thought about Oprah running for office.

Laura Jane showed off her Meegan tee made from a piece of beautiful gold fabric she had found. The Meegan tee is a great style for her!

Janice showed me a trick for fringing the Wendy hooded vests. I'm always amazed at her hidden talents and experience.

We love working with women that can't hold traditional jobs. So many have spent their entire lives behind the scenes taking care of families and kids, that no one has ever really appreciated their skills and talents as creative sewists!

And they are so very good!

Women helping women.

Local Love in Every Stitch.

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