Heated Shirt for our Fur Baby

Flannel dog shirt with pockets for heated corn bags.

MiLou gets really cold so we thought of corn bags.

Corn bags are nature's natural heating pads. You can warm them in the microwave and they will naturally absorb the body heat.

I made the first prototype and it fits!

MiLou lives in New Jersey and it's really been cold up there with snow! Notice his paw mittons!

I modified our Owen shirt and added pockets to hold his very own heated corn bags!

Laetitia just texted me that MiLou fell asleep in his new shirt! So you know it was comfortable.

Here's a picture of Owen, the puppy who came in for a fitting this summer and we made him his own shirts. This is the muslin fitting an the "after" picture of his fav shirt. Owen came to show off at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. He also got his hair cut at Gabby's, our favorite groomer.

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