Life Teachers & Teacher Teachers

Two of many of my favorite life teachers~

Pat who's taught me more about good nursing and compassion than any other person on this earth.

"I'll use my soup cozy to heat up Sassy's dog food and not burn my hands" Pat tells me.

Hadn't thought of that! But I heat up my geriatric dog's food every day too!

Janice who teaches me every week some little secret hidden sewing tip! Yesterday it was "how to fringe the flannel Wendy vest more efficiently.

Pat and Janice met each other at our Open Showroom. Pat enjoyed meeting Janice who does all her alterations!

Kelly Jo is another favorite teacher. Kelly Jo teaches in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kelly Jo loves bringing us new ideas to create, like her "statement" skirt!

Kelly Jo modeling our popular linen pantalooms while showing off her horses.

Women helping women.

Local Love in Every Stitch.

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