Pillowcase Made Using Math!

"So why can't you figure something out, so I can use my regular pillows? That big wedge thing is too uncomfortable. I like my pillows best but they slide down." My husband asks me as he's trying to fix his pillows just right for sleeping. I'm sure he is also lamenting that I sew all the time but not for him.

After measuring his stack of pillows, I created a muslin prototype and inserted his 3 pillows. For all of our teacher friends, "It ended up being a right triangle not an isosceles triangle!' Doug used the "Pythagorean Theory" to do the exact calculation!!

He slept like a baby and the pillows didn't slide down or come out!

Will use linen to make the final one. We use linen for lots of our clothing, so we have plenty.

LInen is a strong fiber so it won't tear when stuffing.

Linen gets softer and softer with every washing so it feels really comfortable and breathes.

Linen has a texture so he won't slide down which was an issue with too "slick" pillowcases, he explains to me as we are discussing it in the morning.

We have that creative gene and love figuring things out, whether it is tweaking a top to make it look better, or making a dog jacket warmer for our fur babies.

I remember several years ago, when I exclaimed "I can't figure this out! Why am I having to do all this math!" frustrated with a pattern I couldn't get to do what I wanted.

One of my favorite fiber artists, Sherron patiently explained to me then....."It's just math. It isn't hard. It's just numbers!"

"It's basic math!" my husband sighed when I verified the name of the theory!

I finished up the day making triangles. This is the detail we add to the pockets, even flannel dog shirts, so they are stronger and won't tear. Quality is in the details. Someone famous said something like that.

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