How Small Batch Sewing Benefits You

handmade unique hostess gifts

Small batch sewing is a lot like making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. We can try little things, like adding coconut or using pecans instead of walnuts, to the next bowl of cookie dough.

Small batch sewing is the same process. We use it everyday at Olive Loom to make our things better, everything, from our designer linen clothes to our soup bowls.

We try little things to make it better or different, This could be using a different print on the Cecilia apron pockets, a different color of waist band or different style of hem or neckline on our dress tunic.

Usually, almost always, we figure out some little trick to make it better. Since we do all the cutting and sewing ourselves you can get the benefit immediately. A good example is placing the logo on the bottom of the soup bowls instead of the side.

handmade unique hostess gifts

Can you imagine having to wait until next Christmas to try the new secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies!

Small batch literally means we only make a small amount of something, not 50,000 zillion things.

50,000 zillion things made with yucky walnuts is not a good thing. Or 50,000 zillion orange tee shirts when that team lost!

Being small is a good thing. We get to tweak and be creative everyday! Like using science fabrics for our teachers and girls or adding hearts for Valentine's Day!

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handmade gifts

handmade gifts

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