Inside Out or Outside In?

handmade all natural clothing

You Decide which way you like your tee shirt.

Our newest fabric can be made and worn either way.

We made three of these tops when

Taylor comes in and says "the other side is the right side!"

Good thing we hadn't made 50 zillion of them!

Yesterday, I talked about Small Batch production and this is a perfect example of this.

This is a close up of the same tee shirt just turned inside out.

handmade natural clothing linen vest

Come by the shop and see what you think and we'll make it anyway you want!!!

This top easily pairs with our newest linen vest. The scarf accent fits perfectly.

I had worn jeans since I had a lot of sewing to do.

I also had an evening meeting but not enough time to change.

Made sense to just throw on our newest linen vest and with my scarf, looked all dressed up.

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