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Velma Style......How the "Velma Cat Draft" idea was born.

"Can you make something that will keep the wind from blowing under my windowsills. Mom used to have one. I'd love to have one." Velma comments looking around at our sewing tables bringing in some sewing for us.

"How wide are your windows? My Mom had one and we'll use that as a guide. Her's was calico shaped like a kitty cat." I replied. Planning.

Velma brought in a " sandwich bag" that she loves. She wanted one out of fabric. "It is perfect for all of the things I need to get to in my front car seat" she explains as she picks out her fabric.

Long story short, we made a "Velma bag" and a "Velma Cat Draft".

Taylor drew the pattern out. Linda cut and sewed them. Filled with rice, we've been perfecting the pattern.

"I can't believe you made me a door draft. Now you'll be calling it the "Velma Cat Draft. I love them!" Velma squeals, hugging us leaving with her Velma Cat Draft and Velma Bag.

We'll have some at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market this weekend. We'll be tweaking the pattern so you have the option of no "cat head" but a plain roll. Filled or unfilled will be an option on the Velma Draft Roll with a velcro closure. They'll be up on our online store soon.

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