The Do It Yourself Soup Kit

soup cozy filled with fresh stew vegetables

Pick up a Handmade soup cozy & fill it up with these ingredients from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market.

  1. Farm raised meat, beef, pork or lamb

  2. Fresh chicken egg (for corn bread)

  3. Seasonal carrots, onions

  4. Fingerling potatoes

  5. Fresh parsley, kale, cilantro

  1. Artisanal cheese

  2. Wine tote for Kombucha

  3. Apple Cider Vinegar tonic

  4. Porter Swag Bag

  5. Soy Candle

Cook meat with chopped onion til brown.

Add meat, vegetables, and spices to slow cooker with liner inserted.

Cook on low 8 hrs, high for 4 hours.

Settle down with good book, favorite beverage, light your candle and enjoy.

Serve hot soup in soup cozy with hot corn bread and cheese.

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