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designer fabric for handmade sewing

People love our fabrics!

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Like this beautiful, vibrant blue fabric. We're using it for a secret spring project.

It would make a beautiful teacher skirt or pair of our popular pantalooms. You'd want to let us know asap, before we sew it all up!

handmade apron

When we order fabric, we order it in smaller quantities so everyone doesn't wear the same shirt!

When fabric arrives it is like Christmas and I'll often take pictures first and blog about what's going on that day.

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Linda added a front belt loop to this money bag apron to bring your tie around front and hold your apron up!

handmade wine bag

I made a couple of wine totes out of it for an after hours sewing party!

It really is beautiful fabric for this hostess gift. We're having to control ourselves not to sew it all up!

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