You Worry when It's Something You Made

reusable produce bag

"We got the package and we love it! Thank you," Email from Austin A., happy customer this morning!

Last week, we mailed an online order to Ohio. A soup cozy, nature's corn bags and several Porter bags. They were all wrapped up and shipped in a reusable produce bag.

"So how did you learn about us?" I asked when we got the online order.

"Hello Lou,

My wife and I used to shop at the Fayetteville farmers market often. I bought a couple of your aprons. We like the bags as produce bags that came with the aprons.

I took a job transfer about 3 months ago; so, Fayetteville is still a fresh memory.

The craftsmanship we have experienced from Olive Loom is wonderful!"

handmade fabric soup cozy

Because we make our own products, we worry about whether our customers like their things. Unlike a big retailer, where you just buy things and leave, you never think about telling them what you think. But it is important to us! We love hearing.

So Thank you Austin A. for letting us know!

Our reusable shoe bags are made by local women who don't hold traditional jobs. Every shoe bag has a story.

They come with every purchase and you get to pick out whatever one you want!

Because they've been so popular, we are making them available as a separate purchase for $8.95

$1.50 of every purchase goes directly to a local woman.

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