Vendor Money Apron

Money apron pocket with zipper

"I want an apron to use at farmer's market. Three pockets. One pocket with zipper" requested a vendor.

Here's what we came up with:

Zippered pocket - like cosmetic bag zipper

Red Bias trim - like egg gathering apron

Front Belt loop - like WAVE field apron

Bias hem - like Cecilia apron

Tweaks to make it better:

Longer ties so you can tie in front

Extra side belt loops so it doesn't sag

Other features:

Made it a little bigger than the egg gathering apron, it turned out really pretty. The bias trim and double stitching add durability to the overall design.

So excited. Made a pattern and then made another one from the pattern.

And this apron turned out really nice also.

Now if the public likes and buys them, we'll start training home sewists to make them! Getting ready for Opening Day of the Fayetteville Farmer's Market, March 30th>

Red check apron zippered pocket

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