All in the Day

Team Clowney Volunteers

Day of Action Volunteers posing with Nicole Clowney in her run in District 86.

Phone banking at Olive Loom's store

Cutting table made a great elbow rest for phone banking.

Over 20 volunteers made a home at Olive Loom for a day of team work! They're part of the "Blue Wave 2018" and it is great exposure for us. We made our WAVE products with folks like them!

While Nicole's volunteers were doing this, I was at the indoor Farmer's Market.

custom made red linen bloue

Sally picked up her 5th linen blouse. She loves them for dancing. "The red one fits perfect! I love it.!......did I mention she's 70+, has a weekend fellow, babysits grandkids and cleans houses! Next we're making her a dress! Taylor custom made the pattern from her 30 year old worn out original blouse.

Martin is a vendor at the market who does woodworking. We made the flag banners on his display. He offers our shoe bags as an option for his customer's purchases.

custom prototype vendor apron

Kim loved the prototype vendor apron I made with a zipper. In fact, we have orders for two more. Made from a heavier cotton, these are good working aprons for doing farm chores.

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