" Bear Emergency!"

teddy bear toy well loved

The following pictures may not be appropriate for younger children.

"I don't care what it costs but I need this bear fixed today! pleaded a strange man holding a worn out bear this morning before we were open.

"Sure" Linda agreed and called me. "I have a bear emergency. It has to be done today! Where are you?" frantic.

"It's been a "bear" kind of week "we laughed. as I had been working on another "bear project" and that "Mom" was coming by before noon.

"Who was this man?"

"I don't know. I didn't get his name or phone number! He looked so desperate. I even said I'd wait on him to get off work!"

teddy bear toys

Time was short. Pre-0p consultation started with "before" pictures.

After careful snipping, new fabric was cut and removed and the sewing began.

teddy bear surgery

Mama sewing

Cradling the bear, a new tummy was sewn as Linda and I reminisced about binkies, blankies, thumbs and baby clothes.

We posted pictures, giggled and talked about our kids.

"It's the most important thing we'll do all year" Linda kept saying. "Dad'll be the hero tonight."

All done. Bear seemed happy watching us sew and work.

Later, we found out the rest of the story on Facebook.

"You might not know this (Steve brought her in) but that’s Evie’s very best buddy, Tinksy!! She is so nervous and I am so glad it’s in the best possible hands." Nicole Clowney.

Nicole is driving Little Rock early in the morning to file. Nicole is running for State Representative and Evie needed her Tinksy!

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