Same Pants, Different Verse!

turquoise linen pants

Our Pants made it to the Capitol Steps of Arkansas.

I literally got stopped twice by total strangers.

"Where did you get your pants? I love them! I have to have a pair of them!"

So proud to be able to say they were are design and we had made them. Both ladies, one young and one a lady my age, loved the flow, saw how you could tie them up and totally loved the waist band feel!

The rest of the story:

Late Wednesday night, I got an email to make sure and get lots of pictures at the capitol when I filed for office.

Dawned on me I'd need something to wear. We always want functional, stylish, quick to wear clothes and that is how we design our clothes. Good thing. These were perfect! Just added our tunic and a jacket.

Much better than blue jeans. I hadn't worn a suit since retiring, and what clothes I hadn't donated, were too big now!

Olive Loom to the rescue!

These are the same pants I wore on the Beach in Miami two months ago.