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Sewing Machine


Local, conscientious, women owned, community loving, intentional, skillful, artisanal and unique are just a few ways to describe Olive Loom! Our team’s primary focuses are creating beautiful/quality products, supporting our local community, and empowering women! Each piece made by us is one crafted by a local seamstress, showcasing their expertise and artistry.

From reusable paper towels to alternations, we take pride in the products we produce for our community!


Our team of skilled artisans handcrafts each product with passion and dedication.


We are committed to creating high-quality, beautiful pieces that are also sustainable while empowering our local community and the women within it. We invite you to join us in our mission and be part of the Olive Loom community.

"I love working at the Loom because Lou is the best boss ever. The Loom gives me so much opportunity for creativity, expression, and learning." 
~ Gillian Shrumm

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