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Repurposed Drawstring Bag

Repurposed Drawstring Bag

Since each of our drawstring bags are made from remenant fabric, the patterns of the fabric are ever changing. Please note when ordering this product we will send you the beautiful patterned fabric that we have available at the time. We appreciate your support in moving towards zero waste!


Olive Loom supports women who cannot work traditional jobs by providing opportunities for them to use their talents to create our custom shoe bags. These bags are created out of remnants of fabric that we have leftover from other products. In an attempt to be as sustainable as possible with our business, we utilize each piece of fabric, down to every last thread.


Uses: shoe case during travel, gift wrapping, or simple storage. 


All shoe bags are made with remnant fabric pieces. Olive Loom strives to move toward a zero waste company.

  • Return Policy

    Full refund or exchange minus shipping on standard items.

  • Get Involved

    These bags tell a story; one of hope and aid to women in a unique position. We love sharing this tale of equal opportunity with our customer base, and it has been such a hit that we now offer the shoe bags wholesale. If you would like to get involved in this noble effort, wholesale purchase is available at our store. 

  • Quick Look

    >Made with repurposed fabric (cotton, linen)

    >Cotton drawstring

    >Dimensions: 8" x 12"

    >Wholesale options available


  • Care Instructions

    Cool wash and dry with like colors. 

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